Steve’s vision, in 60 seconds:

A Tribute to Steve Smith
from his friends with
the No Place Left network
and the 24:14 Coalition:

What would it take for the whole world to hear?
What would it take for every nation to draw near?
What if God’s people would finish the task?
What if this generation was truly the last?

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In 2015, when Steve Smith released this saga of God’s kingdom multiplying in the last days, there were less than 100 known movements worldwide.

Today roughly 100 million new believers are being discipled in nearly 2,000 movements, with thousands more movements emerging.

No Place Left was once a mere foreshadowing.

Now the vision for No Place Left is…

In recent years, a global No Place Left network has been forming, carrying forth the vision in the No Place Left saga by learning from one another’s successes and failures in the pursuit of the Holy Spirit for gospel movements everywhere, until there is no place left where Jesus is not known, loved and worshipped (Romans 15:23).

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In 2017, movement leaders working in many nations formed the 24:14 Coalition to collaborate urgently in pursuing a movement among among unreached people and place by 2025, implementing another facet of the vision in the No Place Left saga.

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In 2017, the 24:14 Coalition expanded the prayer base for the vision presented in the No Place Left saga.

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By the end of 2017, the trust environment created by the 24:14 Coalition had yielded unprecedented awareness of an important trend of the past 20 years: at least 660 gospel movements (as of November, 2018) outpacing population growth in many unreached people groups. New disciples in these movements now number more than 68 million in rapidly multiplying churches, further realizing the vision presented in the No Place Left saga.

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In 2018, prayer leaders with the 24:14 Coalition developed a prayer guide focused on the largest unreached people groups still most in need of prayer for the blessing of God through fulfillment of the No Place Left vision.

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Already God is doing more than we could have imagined…
(see “Global Movement Resources” published by the 24:14 Coalition)

As of March, 2022:

Rapidly Growing Movements
Disciples in Rapidly Reproducing Churches
Rapidly Reproducing Churches

See how God is at work through the eyes of global leaders: