In this second book in the No Place Left saga, Christopher Owen inspires a growing movement in the quest for No Place Left by 2025. The Ten assemble an international coalition to thwart these efforts and usher in a global rebirth. The dramatic showdown unfolds against the backdrop of apocalyptic events and life-giving sacrifice. The saga culminates with a finale that will leave you in tears.

REBIRTH paints a picture of what can become reality if God’s people rise up to finish what Jesus started.

Wakes you up! Rebirth & Hastening (books 1 & 2) are must reads for every true Christian. The purpose of our lives is brought to life in these two books! Our mission is Christ’s mission! “As the Father sent Me, I am sending you.” Jn.17:18 It’s WHY WE ARE HERE!! Get these books for your disciple, Sunday school, every one you know—build the fire… Acts 1:8


The two books, “Hastening” and “Rebirth”, were amazing reads. I could not put these books down. Steve Smith did an amazing job linking fact and biblical truth into an exciting story. Upon completion of these two books I knew God was leading me into discipleship and deepened my understanding of effective ways to disciple. I am encouraging everyone I know to read these two books.


Smith pushes us through his writing to recognize a fault in our commonly held position that fulfilling the great commission will still take generations. The apostle Paul clearly didn’t think that way, seeming to suggest that Jesus’ return was imminent. May we do as Christ commanded and desired, not adding to two thousand often wasted years! Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Thomas H.

The comfortable CHRISTIAN church in the West needs to be challenged, toughened and prepared to take the Gospel to the world and be prepared to face persecution. This books gives a clear, though fictional picture, of what that could well look like.

Helen H.