Spread Vision. Sow Good Will!

Help your friends discover how movements are unfolding today!

  • Offer them a copy of Hastening at no expense to them.
    Your implied willingness to cover your friends’ cost will:

    • underscore the value you see in Hastening,
    • prompt some to buy it themselves rather than impose on you,
    • model a generosity we hope others will replicate, and
    • stir generosity toward your ministry (we hope).
  • We will handle the requests.
  • You will receive email copies of your requests that list your email for “their friend.”
  • Your donation toward our expenses is entirely optional, as the Lord leads you.

To offer free books within your sphere of influence, follow these simple steps:

  1. Try out the system yourself by requesting your own copy at our expense
    (list Tribute to Steve Smith and NoPlaceLeft2025@gmail.com for your “generous friend”)
  2. Draft an email/blog/Facebook post/etc. telling your friends about Hastening.
    Adapt the template below or start from scratch, as you feel led.
    This can be as simple as:“I would like to offer you a copy of Hastening at no cost to you!Movements are breaking out around the world, and this thrilling novel about the spiritual battle raging around multiplying movements will help you envision how this is happening.Hastening is available to you free in your choice of print or a variety of electronic formats, including audio.To claim your free copy, just enter my name and email address at http://npl2025.org/claim-your-copy”(Tip: Right-click the book cover above to save the image and include it in your email or post.)
  3. Complete the form below to prepare us for the response from your friends.
    (Please do this before making this offer to your friends. Thanks!)
  4. Donate toward our expenses, after responses trail off:
  • if you sense clear direction, as the Lord leads you,
  • if you the Lord has blessed you abundantly, $5/copy, and
  • if you are on faith support or low on funds, no donation (our gift to you).