A Tribute to Steve Smith
(Mar 11, 1962—Mar 13, 2019)

Make the 24:14 Commitment

From his friends in
• the 24:14 Coalition, and
• the No Place Left network.

Through his tireless leadership, training and writing, Steve inspired unprecedented progress through the No Place Left network and 24:14 Coalition toward multiplying Kingdom movements among all people groups:

In late 2017, kidney problems led to a diagnosis of cancer. God answered many prayer and extended Steve’s life and ministry well beyond the original prognosis. When Steve had completed his assignment, God took him home, leaving us to run the remainder of the final lap.

Steve wrote in his Mission Frontiers article Death: the Spiritual Triggering Effect:

Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone;
but if it
dies, it bears much fruit. — John 12:24, ESV, emphasis added

Jesus was describing His upcoming death which would make way for the fruit of salvation among the nations. He chose not to shy away from the cross despite the immense cost.

Throughout his illness, Steve requested prayer for whatever outcome would most glorify God.
In an email after Steve’s passing, his widow Laura shared this one article from Steve regarding the truths that sustained his ministry.
May God use Steve’s death to stir us to greater fruitfulness.

What It Took

(from a friend in the No Place Left network)

What would it take for the whole world to hear?
What would it take for every nation to draw near?
What if God’s people would finish the task?
What if this generation was truly the last?

It might take a precedent to be set,
It might take a unity we haven’t seen yet.

What if we all died to any other Walk?
What if 24:14 was all that we sought?

Who ought we be, to hasten Christ’s return?
If we have God’s Spirit should we not inwardly burn?

Until the nations come home,
And every tribe comes to know,
The God of the Cross,
Christ’s heavenly flow!

What if No Place Left wasn’t a dream?
Not man’s agenda, but a divine guarantee!

What if Steve saw a promise?
A job waiting to be done!

What if we saw it also?
How ought we to run?!

Steve’s cry was so clear
Who ought we to be?

To all who would hear,
“Will you run with me?!”

I know a man, who carried the baton,
We all know his vision and must carry it on!

The pace is set, it’s 2025.
The herald is dead, but His God is ALIVE!

Steve started a movement but not for his glory,
The Hastening saga was always God’s story!

Now we’ve watched the wheat fall into the earth,
By God’s Holy promise we will see Rebirth!

To those within ear,​ you​ are the fruit,
The vision was seed, and Christ is the Root.

This promise is true, to all who would die.
Lose your life, give it all, and multiply.

A mighty wind has blown, let the army take sail.
Our King is victorious, and His people prevail!

But you saw what it took,
From Jesus till today.
Every tool of God,
Must give their life away.

So finally, the question:
Who will you be?

Until the Glory of the Lord covers the earth,
As water covers the sea.

Mission Frontiers articles by Steve:

the No Place Left saga
presents Steve’s inspiring, life-long vision
in an action-packed story of God’s ultimate triumph

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