The Puzzle Syndrome

The Puzzle Syndrome2018-04-26T14:17:31+00:00

If you’ve worked with a group on a large and difficult jigsaw puzzle without reference to the picture, you may have seen these stages:

  • The beginning: everyone is glad to help with the easy stuff—turning pieces upright, gathering and building the edge, and pulling together patches of unusual color.
  • The middle: when most wander off to other things while a hardy few press on, hardly seeing any progress.
  • The end: everyone gathers with renewed energy as the END comes far more quickly than the middle stage would ever suggest.

That’s what the No Place Left saga is about—inspiring readers with a vision for embracing their God-given role in helping to put the last pieces in place.

Adapted from the 1995 Mission Frontiers article: When the End is In Sight