[Offer and links need updating for Hastening. This text was for Stubborn Perseverance.]

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Hastening is presently available for ministry use on a “what you are led to donate” basis, with the following suggestions:

  • Print—5-day shipping ($10/book recommended donation)
  • Print—3-week shipping ($7.50/book)
  • PDF/mobi/Kindle/ePub/Word ($5/use)

Due to the overhead of selling through Amazon, Hastening is priced on Amazon at:

Note: For the present, the Amazon Kindle edition is FREE with a purchase of the paperback.

We are offering individual print copies for a 33% discount to $10/copy, shipping included.

If YOU want to use Hastening in mobilizing the Church to pursue God for movements among the unreached, we are eager to support you in these ways:

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